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Paper Submission

The submission of the camera-ready version of the paper is currently open for all the accepted contributions. Please, follow carefully the guidelines presented in this page during the preparation of the camera-ready. Remember that failure in producing conforming papers will result in your contribution not being accepted by IET for the inclusion in the online proceedings.

Instructions for the submission of the camera-ready papers:

1) paper preparation

Prepare your paper in accordance with the format and the guidelines provided in the Author's kit. You are strongly advised to use the provided template files to do so. Remember that the papers are limited to 6 (six) pages, including figures, tables, references and any other additional content. In case you have valid reasons to think that your contribution will not fit in this limit and you then require additional pages, please contact the committee. Otherwise, papers exceeding this limit will not be included in the proceedings. Please also note that, according to the guidelines, the pages in your paper shall not be numerated.

2) upload your contribution

Upload the final version of your paper through the EasyChair paper submission system. To do so, log into the system, go to "Proceedings", then select the paper for which you desire to upload the camera-ready version and select "Submit a new version" in the menu on the right. The submission of the camera-ready papers is currently open.

3) fill-in the copyright form

Download, fill-in, and sign the IET copyright form. Please fill-in the form inserting the title of the paper and the complete list of authors where indicated and signing it where appropriate. The preferred option for the collection of the form is to send a scanned version to Tijana Janjusevic (tijana.janjusevic@elec.qmul.ac.uk). If this is not possible, the form can be faxed to +44 20 7882 7997 with a cover sheet marked "To: Tijana Janjusevic".

Please, complete all the required steps before 20 May, 2008. Should you require any help, please do not hesitate to contact the committee.

Author's Kit

A full paper template for Latex is attached . The Microsoft Word file is also available. The paper template is designed to ensure that your paper is prepared in the right way for publication. Please save the appropriate template file to your PC's hard drive and use it when you prepare your paper. Open the template file and enter your paper into it following the instructions.

If you are submitting more than one paper you can use the same username and password for each paper.

Papers are required for all oral and poster presentations. Papers MUST be submitted in English using the template form provided and MUST NOT EXCEED 6 PAGES. Any diagrams used, must be incorporated within the 6 page allocation. Each paper must fit within the abstract template and must be typed using single spacing using 10 point characters. Only Times, Times Roman, Times New Roman and Symbol fonts are accepted. IMPORTANT: All the fonts have to be embedded in the document. Instructions to embed fonts vary depending on the program authors will use, but in general if authors have Acrobat Reader they can check that in the Properties window, Fonts tab, all the fonts are labelled as "Embedded" or "Embedded Subset".

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